My name is Jennifer James and I have a voice. It has been many years that I didn’t believe this true and beautiful fact about myself. It seemed that silence was the obvious option, the way of less conflict, but through many experiences of life, I have found that facing and voicing truth, while often painful and provocative is the only way to keep from shrinking into complacency.
Where to start? This question in my mind has been blocking my progress, but I think I just need to open my mouth and the words will come out beginning with these truths:
1. The biggest difference between being a woman and being a man is not the obvious physical differences, but a constant societal demeaning of the feminine and promotion of the masculine that is eventually internalized and applied to the self.
2. World religions do much more harm than good. They are used to create, justify, and perpetrate misogyny, war, violence against children, racism, and slavery.
3. Allowing the self to see these truths is both the most difficult and freeing act available as it will then become clear that the roles assigned to each of us from birth have no real meaning and creating one’s own role in the world without the constraints of gender and religious norms opens up with possibility.
The arduous process of arriving at these conclusions is the topic of this blog. My hope is that through sharing these experiences I can free more people from the constraints placed on them by their socialization.